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Some distributors run courses for Symbol for Windows, contact the distributor for your country for more information.

Note on Windows 8

Symbol for Windows works fine with Windows 8 as long as you have registration codes or your Symbol for Windows module(s) is/are installed on a network. The dongles do not yet work with Windows 8. We are working on them right now, so if you use a dongle and are considering upgrading your Windows version to Windows 8, ask your distributor for Symbol for Windows registration codes to replace your dongle or wait until we have made the dongles compatible. When that will be, will be announced on this page, or through our newsletter. To subscribe to our newsletter, please send us an e-mail.

System requirements:back

Registration codes or Dongle?back

You can download Symbol for Windows for free, but to make it work fully, you will need either a set of registration codes (one for every module and one for every paid database you order) or a dongle on which these codes have been pre-programmed. Below, both options are explained.

Registration codesback

Registration codes are sent to you through email or regular mail. They are created based on your computer ID. You have to enter the codes in the screen that appears when you open the License Wizard from the Symbol for Windows Menu to make Symbol for Windows work.
Advantage: you have to do this only once.
Disadvantage: registration codes are programmed for your computer only. You will not be able to use the software on any other computer.


A dongle is a USB key that makes your software work. Simply attach the dongle to a USB port before starting.
Advantage: you can use your dongle for more than one computer.
Disadvantage: dongles get lost more easily than registration codes.

Computer IDback

If you want to order registration codes, you will be asked for your computer ID. This is how to find it:

Old Donglesback

If you own an LPT key that looks like the one in the picture (This dongle goes in the printer port and has been sold until 2002), do not (yet) download and install any versions of Symbol for Windows above 2.2. From version 2.3 (May 2006) onwards, this type of key is no longer supported. First contact your dealer to see if and how you can replace your old dongle with a new one.

If you have a USB dongle old style (2002 - now, see picture), you can download the program without any problems: it will continue to work with the old USB keys.

From version 3.4 onwards, if you want to buy a dongle, you will receive the USB dongle new style, the Unikey (see below). This key works with version 3.4 and higher.

Dongle driverback

This dongle driver is used for USB dongles and is not suitable for Windows 8

If for some reason the correct dongle driver for Symbol for Windows has been erased from your computer, you can download it by clicking the button below, or by updating Symbol for Windows with your Update Wizard. You can find this Wizard in your Symbol for Windows Menu by clicking Control Panel - Update Wizard. Be sure to mark the dongle driver during the installation process. Haven't you got the Update Wizard yet? Download it from our downloading and updating page.

USB dongle driver
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