Symbol libraries and private databases

Database I House Airplane Orange Cat Number of
Number of
about Sclera The Sclera symbol library consists of pictures that are designed by Bart Serrien from Belgium. Handicom has put them in a database as a service to users of Symbol for Windows and Sclera. Naturally, this database is free of charge, as are the Sclera pictures. The database is not constantly maintained, however, so if you would like to add to the collection, you can download the new pictures from (English language available).
Sclera (Free) 4055 2114
about Arasaac The Arasaac symbols have been created by Sergio Palao. They are the property of CATEDU ( under Creative Common's License. (Terms of use) You can also download the symbols in the form of zipped .png files (Portable Network Graphics) from Catedu's website As a service to our users, the Arasaac database will be maintained and updated for use with our software, free of charge.
Arasaac (Free) 7139 4282
Compic (Free) 1750 1600
3250 3050
PCS 8600 4950
Pictogram 1150 1100
Visitaal 1150 1100
Beta 2550 2350
Picture This   2700 2700
WeerklankFoto   1300 775
Beeldlezen 1100 950

Symbol libraries to choose from

A great advantage of Symbol for Windows is that you are completely free to choose the symbol library (or libraries) that best suits your needs. You no longer have to purchase or learn how to use a new computerprogram for each symbol language.

Using your own pictures

It is possible to use your own pictures and/or photographs with Symbol for Windows. You can import them directly into the Symbol for Windows programs one by one, or you can create your own database with the Image Manager. With your own database, you will have your own collection of symbols ready at hand, when you need it in different user files or different Symbol for Windows programs.

Do you have a collection of symbols, pictures or sound files that you would like to make available to all Symbol for Windows users? Contact us! Practically any collection of symbols can be converted into a standard Symbol for Windows database by us.

Symbols or text

Symbol for Windows programs can be used with alphabetical text. The program even offers support for text-based writing. But most of the time symbols are used, for several reasons: