Document Maker

If you can't read and write the regular way because of a mental or (serious) physical or motional handicap, the Symbol for Windows Document Maker offers the solution. This program is used in special schools as well as at home and offers a range of possibilities to create texts with symbols or alphabetical text. When you are done reading this page, be sure to look up the info about the program's e-mailing facility, too!

Writing with symbols

The Document Maker makes it possible to create documents in symbol language, that are also easy to read for people who don't know symbol language. Apart from a white page (like in regular word processing programs), you will see a selection set at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on symbols in the (multi-page) selection set, they are added to the document. The meaning of the symbol can be added to the document automatically, so the document can be understoon by everybody. Read the page about symbols to find out which symbol systems can be used with the Document Maker.

Writing with letters

It is also possible to write alphabetical texts with the Document Maker. In place of the symbol selection set, a collection of letters and punctuation marks can be opened, that can be added to the document.

Grammar support

When you write texts using symbols, the sentences in the document can look pretty funny: "He be hungry" for example. With the Flexlex package, sentences are automatically subjugated, so when you insert the symbols "he"+"be"+"hungry", this is rendered in the document as "He is hungry". The symbols remain as they are, of course.

When writing with letters, extra support may be needed, too. Wordprediction for example, significantly reducing the time necessary to write a word. Wordprediction is also part of the Flexlex package.

How does alternative control work in the Document Maker?

It is possible to control the Document Maker with different physical handicaps, ranging from a light to a serious handicap.

Light handicap: mouse and keyboard

If someone can use mouse and keyboard, but suffers from a tremor for example, because of which he or she presses the mouse button by accident a lot, the mouse button can be set to react only after a pre-set tremor-time.

Can someone hold a mouse or a mouse-like input device, but not push a button? The Document Maker can perform the "click" automatically when the pointer is held above a field or part of the screen for the duration of a pre-set time.

Serious handicap

For those who can't use mouse and keyboard, there is scanning. Fields in the selection set or parts of the screen can be selected with one or two buttons. The special menu can be scanned, too, with buttons to perform the most common functions in a word processing program, like copying, deleting, saving, printing, etc. Read the page on alternative input types for more information about the different types of switches that can be used or contact one of our distributors to discuss the possibilities.