NEW! The Symbol for Windows Pl@nner

The Planner is a software module to create and visualize calendars with symbols, pictures, text and speech output. It can be used for both individual clients at home, or for multiple clients in for example a group home, an elderly home or a daycare facility. The Pl@nner can be downloaded from our download page. Read on below for more information about the program.

In RealTime mode, the screen shows the current activity (although you can browse back and forth by clicking the browse button with the two yellow arrows). The activity (or appointment) is indicated by a symbol or an image and text can be added to read or to be read aloud by the speech output facility. There are three different views. The Simple view only shows the current activity and, if desired, one to three activities in the future. It is possible to have no future activity shown at all, this depends on the end-user's need ir capacity to know what is going to happen next. The Today view shows all of a given day's activities lined up at the top of the screen, with the (much larger) current activity in the middle. The Week view shows you all activities for a given week. The current activity has a red line drawn around it. Below, you can see screenshots of all views.

Simple view

Today view

Week view


The activities can be entered and edited in the Edit mode. All user calendars can be edited and shared calendars can be created for dining schedules or the time-table of a shop or rehabilitation hours. Users can subscribe to these shared calendars and the activities will be shown in the personal calendar of the subscriber. If something changes in a meal schedule, all subscribers will automatically see the change in their calendars! Activities can be repeated automatically. If one of a series of repeated activities is cancelled, but the series should remain in place, you can delete only that particular event. The three views discussed above are also available in Edit mode. The Week view in Edit mode looks like this:

Step-by-step and photo-album

You can add step-by-step instructions and/or a photo-album to an activity. A step-by-step instruction is a set of symbols with explanation. For example a set of instructions for doing the dishes in a group home. Or a reminder-plan for your coat and wallet, like shown below. Step-by-step instructions can be repeated and/or re-used with other activities or other users. The instructions can be read or read aloud by the speech synthesizer. A photo-album can be added to an activity like an outing or a birthday party or a holiday trip, like you see below:



Of course the Planner works with the symbols you use in your other Symbol for Windows programs. Haven't you got any Symbol for Windows programs and symbols yet? You don't have to: the Planner contains at least four symbol libraries that are free of charge, containing thousands of pictures. You can also use your own pictures! The examples on this page have been created using the Arasaac library. Read more about the symbol libraries on the symbols page.