Paper Chart Maker

On this page you can read more about the Paper Chart Maker, the program with which you can create materials for therapy sessions and schools. Are you looking for more information on how to make materials for the Personal Communicator, the Document Maker and the games? Go to the page for parents and professionals.

The Paper Chart Maker has been created to make communication charts, symbol charts, communication device overlays and other materials. Next to a large number of pre-programmed formats (which can easily be found under the name of the communication device concerned or the purpose of the chart) you can create and save an endless number of your own designs. The quality of the material on screen and printed out is always excellent. It is possible to create materials based on a grid, but with the free layout function, you can also let your creativity flow and create storyboards, colourful pictures and more, using symbols and/or your own (background)pictures.


The Paper Chart Maker makes it easy to create charts with a grid layout, with extensive possibilities to taylor every chart to fit the purpose at hand. The charts can be exported to other Symbol for Windows programs, so they can be used as selection sets or a page within a selection set in the Personal Communicator or the Document Maker. This way, symbol users can immediately integrate the symbols they have learned during therapy sessions into their daily use.

Easy to use

With the selection set next to or under the chart you are making, which is called a vocabulary, you can easily drag-and-drop symbols or pictures to a cell. If you'd rather type the symbol names, put the cursor in a cell and simply start typing. In the symbol selection window that opens now, the symbol you are looking for, is automatically found.

Use as many symbol systems as you like

Symbol for Windows can be used in combination with a large number of existing symbol libraries from different publishers. This means it is no longer necessary to buy and learn how to use a different computer program for each symbol library. Symbol for Windows also offers you the possibility to add your own pictures or photographs directly from your computer.

Another advantage is that you can use several symbol libraries together if you like. Is a given symbol missing from one symbol library, or do you simply like the symbol for the same word from another library better? With Symbol for Windows you can always put the best symbol on your charts. You can read which symbol databases can be downloaded for free or purchased with the Paper Chart Maker on the page about symbols.

Learn more? Visit professor Symius for Paper Chart Maker tutorials.

Create your own symbol databases or vocabularies?

Do you make materials often and would you like to have all your preferred symbols close at hand in one vocabulary? With the Vocabulary Maker you can create your own vocabularies by choosing symbols from existing symbol libraries or importing pictures from your own computer. Would you rather create a whole symbol database for personal use or even publication? With the Image Manager you can! This program also has a feature to create a standard vocabulary from your freshly created database.