Symbol for Windows e-mail

With the Symbol for Windows e-mail facilities, sending an e-mail to grandma or grandpa or your friends, becomes easy!

First of all, there is Symbol E-mail, a very simple and easy to use program to write and send e-mails with the help of symbols. The e-mails can be sent to any e-mail address. The recipient doesn't have to own their own Symbol for Windows program, because the e-mails can be automatically converted into text.

The program can be controlled with mouse and keyboard, but also with special switches and even with the eyes! The program's features are simple, so anyone can use them.

For those who own the Document Maker or consider purchasing it, it is easier to add the e-mail component to the Document Maker itself. This will give you the advantage of being able to write your e-mails in this extensive symbol processor with many extra functions. On top of that, if you add the special feature called Flexlex, the symbol-generated text will even be grammatically correct and pleasant to read. Watch the presentation below to see how it works (in this example, without flexlex, a presentation about that will be ready shortly):

For more presentations visit professor Symius