Alternative control

Sometimes a physical handicap is the only reason computerprograms with alternative controls are used, and sometimes a solution is needed for a combination of physical and mental handicaps. Symbol for Windows offers great possibilities in both cases. All Symbol for Windows user modules (Personal Communicator, Document Maker, games) can be controlled by alternative input devices.

Input types

For people with a relatively light physical handicap, like a tremor, use of mouse and keyboard can be adapted. For example, the mouse can be set to react only if the user keeps the button pressed down for a preset amount of time. If pressing a button poses a problem, the computerprogram can "click" automatically after the mouse, or other pointing device, is held over an item for a preset number of seconds.

For those users that can't work with mouse and keyboard, there are different kinds of switches available. Symbol for Windows supports switches that can be connected to serial or parallel ports (USB). Examples of such switches are footswitches, adapted buttons to use with your hand or headswitches. On top of that, Symbol for Windows can be controlled with the eyes, too.

To get some idea of how these switches work on screen, watch the videos in professor Symius' trainingcentre.

Would you like to know more about the 'hardware', that is the different types of switches and input systems? Contact one of our distributors.