Playing and learning with Symbols

Learning symbols doesn't have to be difficult. Next to sessions with a therapist, you can learn by playing Symbol for Windows games! All games can be used with alternative control and all symbol libraries that come with Symbol for Windows, can be used with the games.


A logical way to learn symbols by heart is of course the classic Memory game. This software module can place symbols from the database of your choice automatically in a game, but you can also create your own game by hand-picking the symbols or adjusting a couple of settings. Besides finding pairs of symbols, games can be made where two different symbols have to be matched or a symbol and it's meaning, or a synoniem have to be paired together. You can make the game easier by playing with open cards. A family member or friend can participate as well.Read more about Memory.

Multiple Choice

An all-round game with which you can create different question-and-answer games with symbols, or with your own pictures. The absence of a time-limit makes this game a low-stress way to learn symbols and other skills.Read more about Multiple Choice.


Shuffle is the well-known puzzle where a picture is broken into pieces and mixed up and has to be put back together again by moving the pieces around. The game can be made harder or easier by adjusting the number of shuffle movements, numbering the pieces, etc. Read more about Shuffle.