Design your own layout

Move your mouse over the kitchen to try out navigating a chart with free layout:

With the Symbol for Windows Gold version, you can design your own layout. The symbols, pictures and photographs no longer have to be placed in a grid. Free Layout is available in the Paper Chart Maker, the Personal Communicator and for the user vocabulary in the Document Maker.

The interactive example above can also be downloaded as a demo, so you can hear the sounds and the speech output. To try out the page in the Personal Communicator, download the Personal Communicator (select it during installation) and download the chart to open it with your Personal Communicator. You will be able to click the pictures of the cars in the street to hear the sounds and if you have a speech synthesizer configured (see the menu or the manual), you can hear the speech output, too.

Have you already got your Symbol for Windows Gold program? Watch the tutorial below about how to construct such a page yourself.