Considerations for Decisionmakers

This page is meant to help you by listing all the advantages we feel are important in the process of deciding which program best fits the needs of your family, client or organisation.

Extensive and comprehensive

Symbol for Windows is one of the most extensive and complete software-series of it's kind. It contains modules for personal communication, supported reading and writing, making materials for schools or therapy, games adapted to fit users with one or more, light or severe, limitations aswell as programs to create selectionsets and personal databases. This makes Symbol for Windows especially fit to use in health organisations, or as a common tool in the social network of an end-user.

Divided in handy modules

Symbol for Windows is divided in several task-oriented modules, so each program is to-the-point and does exactly what it is supposed to do. This also means that you can put together a package that is catered to the needs of the end-user, the parents, the therapist or the daycare center. It also means you can start by purchasing a single module and add to it, later, if you like.

Interdisciplinary approach

Symbol for Windows has been designed to be used in an interdisciplinary environment. This may be within a daycare center or other type of organisation, or at home, where different people work together to make life with a limitation as comfortable as possible, for everyone involved. The materials made with one of the Symbol for Windows modules, can be moved from one module to another, or copied for another user. This also goes for the selectionsets that have been designed especially for an end-user.Read more about working together using Symbol for Windows.

Easy to use

Despite all the wonderful possibilities and features Symbol for Windows has to offer, the program is easy to use. All modules work according to the same principles. Through the symbol selection set, you can easily access the symbol databases from any module. Symbol for Windows works on a normal computer with Windows installed on it. (System requirements can be found on the downloadpage.) All modules have been designed as standard Windows programs, which makes features recognizable and easy to learn. Of course, each program comes with an extensive manual, where everything is explained step by step, for those of us who like to have things in writing, just in case. To make everything even easier, we have posted a large (and growing) number of tutorial videos in Professor Symius' trainingcentre, showing how the most common tasks have to be executed.

Reliable and durable

Symbol for Windows is durable in more than one respect. Of course our company is green (click the icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu for more information), but what we would like to emphasize here, is that this program doesn't have to be replaced after a couple of months or years because it doesn't meet the user's needs anymore. Having a disability, does not mean you don't grow and learn! Symbol for Windows grows with the user as he or she develops more skills and/or understanding. This also goes for the environment in which the program is used: years ago, computers hardly played any role at all and health care was organised completely differently. A program that can grow with the developments within health care institutions, situations at home and society at large, because of it's simplicity, comprehensiveness and flexibility, gives you a great advantage. That is the strength of Symbol for Windows: in cooperation with our clients, we always look for ways to improve, adding features or complete modules when the need arises.

Using a large number of symbol libraries in one program

Within the Symbol for Windows programs, you can use a large number of symbol libraries, at the same time, if you like. Among these databases are Sclera, PCS, Beta, Parler Pictos and Bliss. On top of that, it is possible to use your own pictures and photographs and even to create your own database or selection set.

Adapt the user interface to fit individual needs

The screen the end-user sees when the program is opened, can be as simple or as complicated as is required. Many parts of the program can be omitted or added and all buttons, the selection sets and special commands can be adjusted to fit their personal needs.Read more about personalizing Symbol for Windows.

Alternative control: anything is possible!

Symbol for Windows programs for end-users can be controlled by a number of alternative input devices, such as foot- or headswitches, single buttons, adjusted mouse or keyboard, or the eyes. The eye-control unit (MyTobii) that works with Symbol for Windows really does work with just the eyes, without extra devices attached to the head. More importantly, it's easy to use and doesn't "miss" any input, thanks to the superior technology. Find out more about alternative input.

Excellent performance on a computer network

Symbol for Windows can be installed on a computer network, virtual or real. For more information, go to the special network page.

Bulk order discount

If you purchase multiple licences or more than one module within a period of two years, you will receive a discount of up to 80% on the total purchasing price! Ask our distributors for details.

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