Vocabulary Maker

The Symbol for Windows Vocabulary Maker is a program for making individual vocabularies. An individual vocabulary gives the end user access to a limited set of symbols in other Symbol for Windows programs in a way that suits their personal tastes and/or needs and capabilities.

These user vocabularies can be of use to the speech therapist, parents/carers and other professionals. They come in handy for example if a communication chart has to be made using the Paper Chart Maker.


An individual vocabulary looks exactly like a normal vocabulary. It is not limited to one symbol language or to the category structure and the number of pages is virtually unlimited. It depends on the end user how many pages are needed, how they are linked together and which symbols have to be on it. The vocabulary can easily be expanded with new symbols.

Page layout

Every new page has the standard layout. This comprises the number of rows and columns, the cells' background colour, etc. The page layout and each cell's background colour can be altered.

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