Symbol for Windows Shuffle is a game for symbol users. A symbol, picture or photograph of your choice is divided into a number of segments and mixed up. It is then up to the player to bring the picture back in its original shape. When the game is done, the empty segment (which is always positioned in the lower righthand corner) is filled in, so the whole picture becomes visible again. A sound can be played at the end of the game, too.

Shuffle can be controlled by switches (scanning) or by mouse and keyboard. The number of rows and columns can be set, as well as the number of segments the picture is divided in. In this way the game can be made a little easier.

The background colour of the empty segment can be set. The segment can be omitted entirely or it can be filled with a smiley or one of the other pictures. You can also number the segments if for example some of the segments look a lot alike. When you save a game, the picture aswell as all settings are saved. Scan users can open and close saved games themselves.