Symbol for Windows Multiple Choice

Symbol for Windows Multiple Choice is a program to design and play multiple choice excercises with symbols.

On every "page" (window) are one large box with a picture in it that acts as the "question" and two to five reply boxes. Every box can contain symbols, pictures and/or texts. Together they form one multiple choice exercise. For example:

Audiovisual feedback

One reply box can be clicked on at a time. If the answer is correct, the next question appears. If the answer is wrong, the box in question disappears and the player can try again. Sooner or later the player will choose the correct answer. After each answer, feedback is given. This can be a picture and/or a sound indicating whether or not the answer was correct. At the end of the excercise a picture can be displayed and a sound played, like an applause for example.

Stepping stone

Multiple Choice can be used as a stepping stone to working with other computer programs. The absense of time pressure and stress and the continuous feedback will encourage the player to work with the computer. Multiple Choice is also useful as an educational game, for example to learn new symbols and concepts. The program can be controlled by mouse or switches. It has a playing mode and a setting mode for making, altering and saving games.