Symbol for Windows Memory is a game for symbol users. On the cards in this memory game are no ordinary pictures, but symbols from one or more symbol databases. It can be played by one or two players and controlled by mouse or switches. To alter the settings, help is needed from a family member, friend or teacher.


It is easy to make new games around a certain theme, by selecting concepts from one category. If the game is played with two databases, only those concepts are available that appear in both databases. Save the game, so you don't have to repeat these steps to create it.

Different levels

The game can be made easier or harder by increasing or decreasing the number of cards or by allowing "cheating". When cheating is allowed, the player can put back the first card before taking a second one. Playing with two kinds of symbols is harder, because the pictures mean the same, but don't look alike. To help the player(s), the back of the cards can be coloured according to the database they belong to.

Symbol for Windows Memory can be played without databases. The cards then will show numbers in stead of symbols.