Image Manager

The Symbol for Windows Image Manager is a program for making and managing new Symbol for Windows databases. Databases that have been made with the Image Manager can be used in all Symbol for Windows programs. These databases can contain any sort of pictures: bitmaps, Windows metafiles, Enhanced metafiles, Gif images and JPEG images.

In the top half of the window Image Manager opens a file explorer. With it, the user can select the graphic files they want to enter into the new database. In the lower left corner the Symbol for Windows category structure and list of concepts are displayed. In those, the concept has to be selected that best matches the meaning of the picture, photograph or symbol in the selected file. Next, the file is easily linked to the concept by just dragging it with the mouse. More files can be linked to one concept.

Your own concepts and categories

A particular concept may not be found in the Symbol for Windows list of concepts. People's or organisations' names for example. For this reason, the program offers the possibility to create new concepts and categories.

Ready to use

After naming it, you can use the new database directly in all Symbol for Windows programs. The programs will automatically recognise and open the database. It can be altered at any time, or given to other users.

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