The Symbol for Windows Export Program exports symbols, pictures and photographs from Symbol for Windows databases to another file, the clipboard or a printer. The program has been made for teachers, therapists and parents/carers, technicians and others who support symbol users.

File types

The Export Program can print any symbol from the Symbol for Windows databases, with or without text, on a piece of paper. The symbols can also be made useable with other programs by copying them to the clipboard or saving them as a


There is a large number of options to choose from. For example, the background-colour can be set, the picture can be resized, a border can be added, the text can be altered, etcetera. Not all options are always available. This depends on the destination (printer, clipboard, file) and the file type. If the symbol is saved in the original format, nothing in the picture can be altered or added. And a Bliss matrix can only be set behind a Bliss symbol.

Below, you see the same symbol, exported in different ways. Note: you can only export one symbol at a time, it is not possible to export the entire database at once.