The Symbol for Windows Encyclopedia is a browser for the Symbol for Windows databases. The program has been designed as a tool for therapists, parents/carers and teachers. With the encyclopedia they can quickly browse through the symbols and pictures in different databases at the same time.

To the right in the main window, there is a list of all Symbol for Windows databases the program could find on the computer. In the bottom part of the window, the user selects a category and a concept from that category. With the Search-button a (part of a) word can be found in the list of concepts. The largest part of the window shows the symbols, pictures and photographs that are linked to the selected concept.

When the option "all representations" is selected (at the top of the list of databases), all symbols and pictures that are linked to the selected concept are shown. When the name of a single database is selected, the encyclopedia shows the first symbol in that database that is linked to the concept. If there is more than one symbol in the database that describes this particular concept (synonyms), the buttons "previous" and "next" let you view the other symbols.