Bliss Editor

The Symbol for Windows Bliss Editor is a program to draw, edit and save Bliss symbols. With this editor you can

New symbols become a part of the Bliss database and can then be used in other Symbol for Windows programs.

Drawing rules

The Bliss Editor has a built-in aid that helps you draw your Bliss symbols in accordance with the Bliss drawing rules. New elements are automatically put in the correct position in the grid, but you can place them differently by simply clicking and dragging with the mouse. The program supports all standard drawing elements that appear in Bliss symbols, like the square, the heart, the wave and the triangle. The Bliss database in Symbol for Windows contains the latest symbols (approved by the Bliss Communication Institute in 2002).

Upgrading from Bliss for Windows to Symbol for Windows

Now the Bliss Editor has been added to the Symbol for Windows package and the Symbol for Windows Bliss database has been expanded, users of Bliss for Windows will want to upgrade to Symbol for Windows. Handicom is designing a program that will make this as easy as possible and makes sure you will not loose any of your work in the process. The documents that have been produced by Bliss for Windows, will be formatted to fit Symbol for Windows. Please send an e-mail to Handicom if you are interested in this possibility.